The 1840 Election: Random Interesting Facts

You will find my notes for Richard J. Ellis’s book Old Tip vs. The Sly Fox: The 1840 Election and the Making of a Partisan Nation, a book in a 24-book series on presidential elections. The book focuses much more on the Whigs than on Van Buren, who seems to have lost a lot of the slyness that he had pre-presidency.

The 1828 Election: Random Interesting Facts

The notes for this election come from Vindicating Andrew Jackson: The 1828 Election and the Rise of the Two-Party System by Donald B. Cole, part of a 24-book series on presidential elections. I will post my notes on all of the other books.

The 1824 Election: Random Interesting Facts

My notes on Donald Ratcliffe’s The One-Party Presidential Contest: Adams, Jackson, and 1824’s Five-Horse Race can be found below. This book is part of 24-book series, with more books forthcoming. I aim to post my notes from all of them.

The 1800 Election: Random Interesting Facts

The following notes are for The Deadlocked Election of 1800: Jefferson, Burr, and the Union in the Balance by James Rogers Sharp, which is part of a multi-book series on presidential elections. I’ll post notes for every book.

The 1796 Election: Random Interesting Facts

I’ve finished reading a 24-book series on presidential elections by the University Press of Kansas. More books are probably forthcoming. I’ll update this list as I read any new books. But for now, I’ll post my notes for each of the books I’ve read, starting with The First Presidential Contest: 1796 and the Founding of American Democracy by Jeffrey L. Pasley.