Why is the South Routinely on the Wrong Side of History?

In this blog, I will present the record of several states regarding twenty important and/or controversial laws from the past. My goal is not only to see which of the former Confederate states clings most desperately to the past, but also to show my readers how wide the gulf is between Southern states and three Northern states: New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Bernie Sanders Fulfilling the Western Progressive Tradition

It’s not surprising that Bernie Sanders is doing well West of the Mississippi. The West has been traditionally very progressive. The majority of the voters for the Weaver’s Populist Party (People’s Party), Deb’s Socialist Party, La Follette Progressive Republicans and Roosevelt Progressive Republican’s came from the West.

Were the Victorians Really Smarter than Us?

In November 2013, the journal Intelligence published a study entitled, “Were the Victorians cleverer than us? The decline in general intelligence estimated from a meta-analysis of the slowing of simple reaction time.”

Litany for the Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers are usually discussed by current politicians as some sort of monolithic unified voice, deprived of humanity, contradictions, guilt and 18th centuryness. For the most part, they were enlightened people for their time; yet, they were of their time.

Brief History of Contested Republican Conventions

I write this blog in light of the lasting discussion of a possible contested Republican convention in 2016 election. While historically common, a contested convention has not occurred 40 years.

Shakespeare is Shakespeare (revised)

In an effort to do my academic duty to save young minds from going astray, I present to you ten (plus 2 later additions) of the most obvious reasons that William Shakespeare is the author of the works of William Shakespeare.

Top 10 Most Popular 3rd Party Candidates Since 1912

The 1912 election is the high-watermark of 3rd party run. In this election, our traditional parties competed with two strong 3rd parties — the Progressive “Bull Moose” Party and the Socialist Party, both of which make the top 10 list.