Coues Eulogizes Cassin

Recently, I’ve been reading Coues’s letters, and in doing so, I noticed that his writing is heavily based on figurative language, more so than the naturalists who did not stick strictly to scientific writing. Coues’s scientific writing can be dry. However, his commentary is often as sharp and curmudgeonly as President John Adams’s, and his private letters are often filled with a poetic quality.

The Birthday Eccentricity of Naturalist Charles Maynard

Maynard was also known for his eccentric behavior. One such eccentricity is an apparent fascination with the date of his birth. Below I give five examples of his date of birth dictating his behavior

Education Through Video Games

I present a list of video games (isted in no particular order) that have all been crucial to my early education. I spent hours on these, rather than wasting my time with homework or TV.

Many of these games are by a single video game company: Koei. Sadly, Koei doesn’t make the same types of games like they used to. These types of games used to be much more numerous, but it seems American gamers of the 21st century avoid these games on the whole.

Were the Victorians Really Smarter than Us?

In November 2013, the journal Intelligence published a study entitled, “Were the Victorians cleverer than us? The decline in general intelligence estimated from a meta-analysis of the slowing of simple reaction time.”