The 1840 Election: Random Interesting Facts

You will find my notes for Richard J. Ellis’s book Old Tip vs. The Sly Fox: The 1840 Election and the Making of a Partisan Nation, a book in a 24-book series on presidential elections. The book focuses much more on the Whigs than on Van Buren, who seems to have lost a lot of the slyness that he had pre-presidency.

The 1824 Election: Random Interesting Facts

My notes on Donald Ratcliffe’s The One-Party Presidential Contest: Adams, Jackson, and 1824’s Five-Horse Race can be found below. This book is part of 24-book series, with more books forthcoming. I aim to post my notes from all of them.

What the 2020 Election Tells Us

Trump’s policies and rhetoric were unpopular. Biden won back states where Trump focused his 2016 rhetoric — “I alone can fix it.” He did not. The Southern Border states became much more supportive of Democrats.

2020 Election Prediction

I present my prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election. In short, I predict a victory for former vice president Joe Biden against the incumbent president Donald Trump.

A 36-Candidate Democratic Primary in 2020?

The Democratic primary will see at least 12 debates, starting with one as soon as June 2019 (only 6 months away). Apparently, the DNC are allowing for the possibility that there could be as many as “three dozen” candidates.

An Ocasio-Cortez/Trump Parallel?

The amount of press coverage that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets is unprecedented for a US Rep (or soon-to-be US Rep). In regards to media coverage, her parallel is Trump.

2018 Midterm Analysis

The 2018 Election has been called a “Blue Wave” by most analysts, despite Democrats losing two seats in the US Senate. Democrats gained 40 US Reps to retake control of the US House. They also gained six governors. Election day trickery by some Republicans arguably denied victories in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and possibly in other states. 

I have analyzed every wave election since the 1994 Newt Gingrich-led “Contract with America,” which saw Republicans gain the US House for the first time since 1952. Along with the 1994 Election, the 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2018 elections are undeniably waves. 

Ranking Andrew Jackson

Here’s my blog on Andrew Jackson, a president much in decline in presidential rankings, despite the current president’s fascination with the man. Jackson’s presidency is actually a mixed bag, and this blog attempts to give Jackson credit when it can, despite my personal dislike of Jackson’s presidency. 

Ranking John Quincy Adams

Here’s my blog on John Quincy Adams, a potentially grand president who was stifled by the a Congress that didn’t share his foresight. Unfortunately, great ideas do not translate to a great presidency unless the ideas come to fruition. 

Ranking James Monroe

Today’s blog responds to James Monroe. In the course of my lifetime Monroe has moved up and down in my personal ranking since there are so many ways to evaluate his impact on both foreign policy and on the slavery issue. My most current analysis is below. 

Check my previous posts to find the rankings of previous presidents. 

Ranking James Madison

Today’s blog responds to James Madison. I find Madison to be one of the most overrated presidents, and I give many reasons for this below. 

Ranking Thomas Jefferson

Today’s blog looks at Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. Check my previous posts to find the rankings for Washington and the first Adams. 

Thomas Jefferson 3rd President (1801-1809)

Score: 81/120 total points (67.5% ideal)