Most Influential Inventors in Recorded History

This list was particularly difficult since it wasn’t clear who was more important, the person that conceived of the invention (but never put it together), or the person that put together a primitive version of the invention that did not work well, or the person who created the first successful and practical version of the invention. In most cases, I went with the latter; although, in some instances, it felt more natural to take someone earlier in the process.

Most Influential Political Leaders in Recorded World History

The following are list of influential political leaders from world history. Everyone listed is a candidate for inclusion for my eventual list of top 100 most influential people of all time. Others could be added to this list at some point.

75 Shakespearean Era Plays to Read

Today is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. In honor of his life, I present 75 Shakespearean Era plays that I think offers to best education of Elizabethan-Jacobean theatre.

Education Through Video Games

I present a list of video games (isted in no particular order) that have all been crucial to my early education. I spent hours on these, rather than wasting my time with homework or TV.

Many of these games are by a single video game company: Koei. Sadly, Koei doesn’t make the same types of games like they used to. These types of games used to be much more numerous, but it seems American gamers of the 21st century avoid these games on the whole.

Pollster Presidential Ranking

In this presidential ranking poll, I presented to pollsters 10 major policy decisions by each US president. Pollsters then voted on whether or not they would have supported the policy under that president. Secondly, they were asked what their general view of the given presidency was, from a range of “Very Favorable” to “Very Unfavorable.”

Poetry April Madness 5: Round 1, Game 4

Welcome to Game 4 of Poetry April Madness! since we are running out of time, this game has been conducted rather swiftly. The next games will probably be conducted even quicker. To see the rules, click here.

Is Greed a Sign of Mental Illness?

What drives these individuals to want more money than they or their families can possibly use? If Morgan, Rockefeller, Gates, Soros, Koch, Buffet, Walton, Trump, Zuckerberg, etc. were accumulating any other object than money, then we would call them hoarders. “Robbed and fur’d gown hide all,” as King Lear says. Hoarding is a mental disorder.